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New member: Balsu Gıda, the world's second biggest hazelnut exporter

Balsu Gıda has become the world's second biggest hazelnut exporter by exporting to 30 countries across 6 continents. In addition to offering first-class products sourced from hazelnut orchards in Turkey and processed as part of its main activities, the company operates with environmental awareness throughout the entire production process, including farming activities, hazelnut production, and delivery to end-users, by raising awareness among farmers and suppliers.

Thanks to its sustainability activities in energy, emissions, and environmental fields, Balsu Gıda reduces greenhouse gas emissions in hazelnut production and minimizes environmental impacts, making it one of the most preferred hazelnut suppliers in the world.

Renewable Energy Supply

Balsu Gıda aims to meet all the electricity consumption resulting from hazelnut processing at its facility in Hendek with renewable energy. The company currently meets 35% of its factory consumption through a rooftop solar power plant investment with a installed capacity of 880 kW in the facility, and supplies green energy through I-REC renewable energy certificates for remaining consumption.

At the same time, the company aims to double the installed capacity of the rooftop solar power plant and increase its renewable energy production capacity with a 70% self-consumption rate in 2023.

Sustainability Trainings for Farmers and Suppliers

Balsu Gıda provides trainings to farmers and suppliers with a focus on sustainable development, ensuring that hazelnuts are produced with environmental protection and restorative farming principles. It enables farmers who follow integrated pest management steps in combating disease and pests in hazelnut orchards to make decisions based on climate data and information.

Waste Management and Recycling

Balsu Gıda recycles waste from its facility in accordance with an approved waste management plan and increases organic matter to improve soil structure. The company produces natural soil conditioners through composting of waste generated after harvest, minimizing the use of nitrogen fertilizers and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Balsu Gıda collaborates with producers with a sustainable agriculture mindset to preserve biodiversity and reduce greenhouse gas emissions in hazelnut production.